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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission through the commitment of our people to service excellence, is to deliver accounting, taxation and related business solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

To be a provider of specialist financial services, recognised and valued for outstanding service to our clients, achieved by inspiring and encouraging our people to realise their full potential.

Our Values

At Leebridge we Value the following things:

We value People (including staff, customers and suppliers) because
  • Everyone's contribution is important
  • People are the source of our excellence & wellbeing
  • Without people there is no firm

We value Wellbeing (financial, work/life balance, and health) because

  • Wellbeing is a key ingredient to success
  • A harmonious work environment leads to a productive work environment
  • Wellbeing is a core ingredient to realising our full potential

We value Excellence because

  • It delivers quality outcomes for all our people (staff, customer, ourselves)
  • It gives us pride in the work we do in our professional lives
  • It drives us to continually look for better ways to deliver our services

We value Leadership because

  • We value clear direction & focus
  • It sets a standard for people to acheive greater things
  • It inspires participation

We value Integrity because

  • It drives us to act in accordance with our standards & values and act with honesty & truth in everything we do

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