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Financial Planning

Our aim is to ensure you achieve your financial goal. We do this through independent, efficient and appropriate advice, tailored for each client circumstance.

Leebridge Financial Planners Pty Ltd is a holder of an Australian Financial Service Licence (AFSL No. 247372). This means we can provide unbiased advice and are not bound to support any particular product or investment platform.

Each client is taken through a six step process as follows:-

  • Clarifying your current position.
  • Identifying your goals.
  • Identifying your financial issues.
  • Preparing your financial plan.
  • Implementing your financial plan.
  • Review and revising your plan on a regular basis.

We work closely with your other advisors to ensure the best outcome. This holistic approach ensures nothing is overlooked or misunderstood.


The main services we provide include:-

  • Investment advice.
  • Direct share investments.
  • Direct property advice.
  • A comprehensive appraisal of your existing arrangements and strategy.
  • Self managed superannuation.
  • Superannuation contribution strategies.
  • Pension strategies.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Risk Insurance – Life & Income Protection.

Fee for Service

Although we work primarily to a Fixed Fee Arrangement (giving you access to financial advice whenever you need it), we also offer an hourly rate arrangement if you prefer.

Investment Advice

The most effective way to achieve your financial goals is to develop a sound financial plan tailored to your circumstances. We work with clients so as they gain a better understanding of how a suitable financial plan can assist them reach financial security and ensure their investments are well structured. By this we are referring to a suitable asset allocation and investment strategy that reflects their individual risk profile.

We believe that understanding investment risk and managing that risk is fundamental to the client/adviser relationship. When this is done correctly the foundation is laid for a successful and rewarding long term client relationship.


Due to strong links with our client’s accountant, superannuation and tax effective strategies are at the forefront of our client advice process.

Many business clients adopt the strategy to run their own superannuation fund and maintain control. This is also common place for many employees. Leebridge Financial Planners Pty Ltd has developed a unique and cost effective approach in relation to Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). We avoid asset based fees (including commissions) for client portfolios and include internet access to manage direct share portfolios and cash flow needs.

Because superannuation is a complex area that offers tremendous tax concessions, accurate advice is critical to maximisation of returns and proper compliance with the relevant laws.

Risk Insurance

An important component of a sound financial plan is to ensure all outcomes are considered.  Properly tailored planning requires all contingencies to be carefully evaluated.  Premature death, disablement or temporary illness can unsettle well laid long term planning.  An effective insurance program is designed to put the required amount of money in the right hands at the right time. 

A properly maintained insurance program is reviewed annually and it is important to ensure the cover is still appropriate for your situation. Insurance cover is required for as long as a specific financial exposure is evident.

Tax Effective Strategies

Our services are heavily weighted toward superannuation as it is the most tax effective investment vehicle to hold assets for retirement.  This involves making sure clients are maximising their contributions and implementing tax effective income streams from their superannuation fund at the appropriate time.

Due to the restrictive limits now in place for concessional contributions to superannuation many clients require additional tax effective strategies to be implemented through the introduction of gearing to their financial planning.  This simply means borrowing funds for investments and claiming the interest as a tax deduction.  We assist clients in evaluating a suitable structure for their situation including a cash flow summary and revised tax position.

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